3 Golden Rules Of Astral Projection

3 Golden Rules Of Astral Projection

Astral Projection Tip 1: Protect your self earlier than you travel.

Out of body experiences can be superb, however from time to time an individual gets a little too excited and forgets to take the necessary precautions before moving out of body. I would not be too anxious about these negative experiences, but that doesn't mean it is not a good idea to make certain your astral travels are as wonderful as you may make them.
So earlier than you move onto the astral aircraft, strive this: Imagine a great globe within the shape of an egg around you. Let the colour of this egg be either a brilliant yellow gold or pure white and imagine that it covers you on all sides. Now imagine the radiant energy of the sun and start to breath that energy into this egg, filling it up. Because the egg fills let the energy of the sun cleanse, empower, and protect you from any negativity which will attempt to enter this field. Imagine that it protects you completely from anything that may attempt to harm you. Once the egg is full take a breath and move onto the subsequent step.

Astral Projection Tip 2: Tap into the energy at the base of the spine.

This energy has many names and you have probably heard them, however it really does not matter what it is, only that it is a really powerful source of energy. So tap into that energy at the base of the spine and take on strong breath of it and really feel it permeate your physical and astral body. Try to really really feel the energy somewhat than imagine it in this example. Then move on to tip number three and get a little excited, its almost time for the astral touring!

Astral Projection Ideas three: Engage your intention to move out of body with full abandon and let go completely.

This could be hard to understand, however after we enter into an action or motion the time for planning is over. The above and another astral projections techniques, ideas, or guides you may use are principally in advance of motion, however once you begin moving that is the only thing to be focused on. Let go of second thoughts, doubts, or fears, release the urge to think about what you might be doing and focus solely on the doing. Put your attention within the now. The perfect astral projection guide will still often miss this astral traveling tip and it amazes me because its incredibly useful, but you can play with it and see for yourself. Enjoy your journey to the astral plane!

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