Why Add Panic Buttons Into A Security System?

Why Add Panic Buttons Into A Security System?

Panic buttons can turn out to be useful in numerous situations. Integrating panic buttons to security systems will increase the security personnel’s situational awareness and helps them deal with the situation faster.

That was in accordance with a latest weblog publish by Kintronics. "Emergencies occur without warning. It could be a health problem, an active shooter situation, or a criminal attack. The panic button provides fast emergency notification," it said.

In accordance with the submit, panic buttons might be integrated with a wide range of security systems from video surveillance to public address, adding right now even mobile panic buttons are available. The systems that panic buttons might be integrated to are summarized as follows.

Video surveillance

In keeping with the put up, a panic button will be attached to the I/O input on a video surveillance camera. Once pressed, a signal is distributed to the video management software, which then displays the alert as well as video feeds from nearby cameras.

"As soon as the security particular person is notified of the emergency, they will determine the perfect course of action. The surveillance camera system provides the information they should make a decision," the submit said. "It is very important use video administration software that features the ability to inform the security person."

Paging system

An IP paging system can make the most of a panic button, which can cause the paging system to broadsolid a message upon an emergency. "The button connects to the IO input of the IP audio enter device. The signal alerts the command management software. The ‘if-then’ logic generates a pre-recorded announcement, akin to ‘fire detected, please exit the building!’ The system may be programmed to alert the security particular person, so instead of producing an automated message, it can permit the security particular person to make the decision," the submit said.


Based on the put up, a button may be connected to an intercom to provide a managed response to a situation. "For example, an intercom in an administrator’s office can be utilized to alert security of a hostile event. The security person can listen in to the conversation within the administrator’s office. The audio could be recorded and provide the data wanted to correctly react to the situation," it said.

Fire Alarms

The access control system plays a key role in maintaining a company’s security. But in the event of fire, the doors ought to remain open. In keeping with the put up, a panic button can assure that all the doors controlled by electric locks are unlocked in an emergency like a fire. "There are a couple of ways to manage the electric locks. For example, you may attach the button to a relay that opens the ability circuit to all of the locks. Alternatively, you possibly can add a device-side PoE adapter that provides energy to the electric lock," it said. "When the alarm button is pressed, the controlled power to the lock is removed."

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